Hi, I’m Kristina Ganter

It is through compassionate, heart centered healing that you and I work together to set the intention for your highest good.

In my work as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I use Subtle Energy techniques to assist you on your path of healing. I am a Certified Reiki Master practitioner and Teacher and use Distant Healing techniques working with the subtle energy field around the body and energy centers located within the body. I also use visualization, guided imagery, movement, sound healing and tuning fork vibration to clear, balance, and stimulate the body’s energy field and energy centers (chakras). I also do in-person Energy Healing sessions.

I am a physical therapist and my work with movement and the function of the body as well as my knowledge about anatomy and the nervous system enriches our energy sessions.

Energy Certification and Training

  • Usui and Sacred Flame Reiki Master/Teacher Certification
  • Bio-Energy Healing, Basic and Advanced
  • Eden Energy Medicine
  • BioField Tuning Fork and Vibrational Sound Healing
  • Subtle Energy Medicine, Basic and Advanced

Member     Energy Medicine Professional Association    International Association of Reiki Professionals                         American Physical Therapy Association


More about me:
I’ve been a practicing physical therapist for over 30 years. I have always loved working with people and helping them move better, feel better and have less pain. As my career progressed I found I wanted to know and learn more about the mechanics of the body in helping people with injury and pain move more efficiently. I went back to school and completed a physical therapy clinical doctorate, DPT.

As I continued to treat clients, I found my practice slowly shifted from treating the typical strains, sprains and mobility issues into dealing with chronic pain.  I began wondering if there was more I could do to help my clients, other than manipulating muscles, joints and fascia? Could I connect with them on a deeper level? Could I help them help themselves by working with their energy?

These questions led me to explore and research about our life force energy or vital energy. We all have energy, and when it’s lacking we notice. But what if it’s just a little out of sync? I have spent the last 10 years learning and experiencing a wide variety of healing methods.  Many of these techniques I use along with my traditional physical therapy techniques. Others I use alone. Either way I am so lucky to have found additional ways to help my clients.  I am so excited about sharing these techniques with you!

Kristina Ganter DPT, CRMT
Physical Therapist
Usui Reiki Master and Teacher